LNATP Reality TV Episode

Late Night at the Plaza (LNATP) hosts a themed Reality TV Episode with special guests from Big Brother Canada.

Raul Manriquez and Kelsey Faith from Big Brother Canada were featured guests on the Calgary late night cult talk show. They were also joined by one of the winner of season four Phil.

During the guest interview, the three former Big Brother Canada contestants were asked about their time on the show, and more personally about their individual experiences on the show. 

Phil, the winner of show, lamented about having to play up his personality in order to get on the show. He also talked about his genuine surprise that his brother was a secret competitor reviled during the seasons first episode.  

Raul, most notable for his outwardly flamboyant personality, talked about his experience as being one of the show bigger targets. Moreover he told about the forum of the Big Brother and how it works behind the scene. Ever wonder how during reality tv shows they inter-splice documentary-like floating head commentary of the competitors talking about their experiences during challenges? According to Raul, they have a person that watches them compete and writes down specific questions and observations. They in-turn interview the competitors  and ask leading questions about specific moments. 

Kelsey, the show's runner up most renowned for her good looks and mean girl personality, talked about the relationship she openly had during the show. She explained that the relationship was fleeting and it was ended shortly after the Big Brother season ended. The break was amicable and while one may note this towards any scandals avenues, Kelsey reinforced that the feelings her and her former suitor had were real and earnest. 

The show also had a special dance performance by young dance-troupe project Lazarus and a truly amazing band called Steel and Timber.