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Photographer / Director: Maxwell Mawji - 01/12/2016

Originally from Edmonton, I moved to Calgary two years ago to learn how to tell stories. SAIT’s journalism program seemed like a fun way to gain hands-on education. It was in my program where I first picked up a camera, and learned to focus on moments. Since then, my education has steamrolled into a passion for photography. I have grown an affinity for storytelling photographs.

SAIT’s photojournalism program has given me an opportunity to learn through experience. I have had the pleasure to work with different magazines, newspapers and organizations. Highlights of which were serving as the co-publication manager of The Weal, a month-long practicum at The Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun as well as SAITSA’s marketing photographer; I have found myself living vicariously through my lens. Festivals, protests, sports games, cat shows, fashion events, concerts and news events are only some of the places my camera has taken me.

In the years to come, I hope my camera takes me to many more places. 

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